How to transfer your SMS messages to a new iPhone.

Despite Apple's claims that upgrading to a new iPhone is as easy as backing up the old one and connecting the new one to iTunes, I still find the process somewhat lacking. I tinkered with the iTunes settings and over time I have lost and retrieved music, photos and ebooks from my iPhone and iPad but it always took a little time and often a new download to make sure that everything transferred correctly.

Recently I had to get a new iPhone 4S. After I synced all my contacts, etc., I realized that my SMS messages hadn't transferred. My old iPhone contained about 30 rather important conversations and texts relating to work that were essential to the running of my daily life.

I Googled for solutions and found some ranging from the arcane to the experimental. I then found a reference to a piece of software called Tansee iPhone Transfer SMS.

I wasn't quite sure if it would do the trick but for $20 I figured I had nothing to lose. It was better than carrying two iPhones at the same time anyway.

After installing, the software detects your iPhone. Once connected, the software reads all the SMS messages and then you can selected how and where to back them up. Simple as that.

Messages are transferred on a 24-hour clock rather than the standard 12-hour clock but it really is not a big deal.

Try it yourself. Or if you want, go buy it.

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