New and interesting books about Web Design and UX.

Are you as fascinated by User Interface Design (UX) and data as I am? Even if you're not, check out some of the newest titles that address new challenges in the web design and data visualization, that demystify some of those areas.

You can pick up the books from the links below. I opted for the Epub or Kindle editions.

Communicating the User Experience, by Richard Caddick.

User Interface Design has become a very important design field. When it comes to creating a successful architecture for a website or any other project that would benefit from UX Design, the creation of the right user interface experience cannot be underestimated.

This book does a great job at disseminating the information and tools that help guide visitor behavior.


Visualize This, by Nathan Yau. - The Flowing Data Guide to Design, Visualization, and Statistics.

I don't remember when I started becoming fascinated by data visualization. I have designed infographics for some firms as part of their marketing campaigns, and I always tried to offer out of the box designs that were visually pleasing and easily read.

The beautiful representation of data is not only pleasing to the eye but it also makes it easier for the viewer to visualize the presented information. Visualize This is a fabulous compendium of sources and techniques that make working with data all the more interesting.

I have to admit, parts of the book were a little too technical for me but to the right statistical designer it would be like eye-candy.


FutureProof Web Design, by Alexander Dawson.

I loved the title of this book. It offers a very thorough exploration of designing with responsive and mobile formats in mind, especially tablets, laptops and even game consoles.

There are chapters for designing for input and output tools as well as automobiles and other devices.

As more devices become web enabled, it has become increasingly important how layouts render. As we design with and for information, knowing how to create design chunks for this information  ensures that content becomes eminently usable.


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